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I am a visual artist who develops work through the encounter of bodies, between nature and the urban, between the built and the debris, between the fragile and the strong. Throughout the composition of the created and appropriated objects, I create new biologies where the roots dialogue with the pavement, instead of wanting to break through it. I am guided by the sun, my center is the moon. I seek to love everything. Resembling a microscope slide made of enamel on double acrylic, the stain calls for the need to not lose the contact I feel with my body and its surroundings. Remember the fluid and the fluctuating within us. Being transparencies and not opacities. Transmutations to sensory landscapes, self-conscious and chameleons of my environment. I make archipelagos of clusters, I break them up, I look for what is rearmed and composed. The part for the whole. The sum, the tension, the nothing, the void, the light, the b side, what it is there, the absence, the fragility, the mark. The stain as a physical manifestation of a mantra and the trace they leave behind, how they generate breaks and cracks that reveal other depths, how we peel off, disarm ourselves, rearm in other ways.