Tomas Redrado Art works to position the visual arts market, allowing it to boost the supply and demand of art pieces made by Argentine Contemporary Artists in the US market, specifically in Miami.

The positioning of the project will not only require a constant flow of investment and will bring profits in Argentine art, but also, in the long term, it will become a seal of quality and international prestige, for the diffusion and the local artistic market. This will not only empower local artists but will also serve as a platform for strengthening, developing and seeking prestige at a national and international level.In today's globalized world, it is a great challenge to reach devel-oped art market in Argentina, with strong international visibility. For this, a thorough professional management is required It seeks a complete mobility and information platform which provides access to international art clients. Events and meetings will be projected around the art pieces and their artists, allowing a space in which converge different agents and varied audiences.


Tomás Redrado Art will physically operate in Miami offering the best present Argentine art catalog. For this, it will have a carefully curated ShowRoom, which will serve as a visible platform, during the first stage of the project. This showroom means a strategic focus to show art pieces aimed at different audiences, potential clients and also offer a digital range of art works, even those that do not appear in the catalog. The strategic role of Mauricio Diaz, from Buenos Aires, will facilitate purchase logistics (commercial agreements, forms of financing, consignments), as well as the shipment of art pieces to Miami or to any other client destination. The ShowRoom also works as a meeting place and gallery, during this first stage, where art pieces from the represented artists will be displayed and where the public is delighted through direct contact with the art works to be sold. From this perspective, Tomás Redrado Art ShowRoom is a commercial space, a meeting place and a think tank for artistic projects. Beyond an exhibition space, the Showroom becomes a bridge between supply and demand, which stands as a catalyst for contemporary art and, at the same time, a real alternative to the rigidity of the usual art market, which is fixed in traditional galleries and exhibition spaces.


Tomás Redrado Art presents a strong variety of consecrated artists and others with a young career, already recognized in the local artistic world, through various awards received and exhibitions held in Argentina and abroad. In the future, he aims to show a wide spectrum of artists belonging to different generations, all of them as symbols of quality and increasing value, within the international art market, as well as to project and promote rising artists. The first curatorial selection of the artists will reveal a powerful and coherent collection with contemporary art on a global level. The criteria for this selection respond to a long-term curatorial plan. Each selected artist has an enriched research material on his/her work, giving immediate access to market opportunities, as well as a high level of global exposure, generating resources, networks, strategy and visibility according to the requirement of each scenario.

International Positioning

During the last two decades, Miami has established itself as an important center for the visual arts, through the opening of galleries, public and private museums, independent spaces and institutions dedicated mainly to contemporary art. Miami is today one of the main destinations desired by prominent collectors and amateurs who wish to buy art pieces created by young and emerging artists (noteworthy is the number of art exhibitions held annually, from Art Basel, Pinta, Untitled, to 22 others held in parallel in Downtown, Miami Beach, Midtown and Wynwood, which make South Florida a true artistic explosion and a mecca for international art). Within this world, the Latin American market appears and, specifically, the Argentine market, which is not characterized by a regular or stable presence in exhibitions. Tomás Redrado Art concentrates its efforts towards the strategic positioning of the Argentine scene in the USA market and the continuous visibility of art works and artists along the year.


Tomás Redrado Art promotes communication, research and the generation of informative material in order to complement the compression, approach and multiple reading of the art pieces. For this, there are different tools for approaching audiences, such as journalistic notes, interviews and reference texts, in digital media and printed material. He will work both with leading contemporary art magazines, Artishock and Rotunda Magazine, both bilingual English-Spanish and with a solid audience in Latin America and Miami. Thus, journalistic notes, images of the art work and exclusive texts made by the artists to be launched in Miami marketplace are meant to be projected. At this point we will provide support to different private and/or institutional initiatives, which highlight our art pieces and artists in a national and international environment, through exhibitions or meetings that give visibility to Tomás Redrado Art work.


Tomás Redrado Art conquers the public searching for quality Argentine art, as well as Argentine and Latin American art new collectors. It is his greatest desire to offer a selection of art pieces with coherence and vision of future, giving birth to an objective proposal. Likewise, the long-term objective is to broaden the spectrum of clients, reaching institutions, museums, hotels and different commercial shops, emphasizing the tax benefit reached by the acquisition of art pieces in Miami.

Local Positioning

Tomás Redrado Art operates in Miami, but its strategic base is situated in Buenos Aires, a city where to attract new artists and art pieces to be commercialized in Miami. Buenos Aires as a main point for strengthening Tomás Redrado Art brand and the epicenter of events, vernissages and visits to artists' workshops, in conjunction with selected collectors, for the sale and dissemination of the art to be represented. Likewise, collaboration and participation in artistic projects (art works, interventions, publications) and even the sponsorship of residencies, scholarships and training instances for artists who are in an incipient stage of their careers will be explored. In the future, we hope to set precedents in the cultural world, through the development of incentives and research grants for artists and through the generation of archives, which expand the knowledge of art inside and outside of Argentina. In addition, we will walk the path that transforms us into a unique model of contemporary collecting, that respects both art pieces and artists, looking for collaborative models that adapt to new platforms and promoting sustainable and responsible collecting practices.

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